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Activities and Honours

Since its foundation in 2013, IRI Life Sciences can already look back on numerous activities and several scientific successes


12/2020: Relaunch of modernized website
08/2020: 3D-photo exhibition "Corona Laboratories" at arts festival "Festival Für Freunde"
06/2020: Collaboration with photo artists and participation at arts festival "48h Neukölln"
01-05/2020: Colloquium series "Heterogeneity in Biological Systems"
01/2020: Benedikt Beckmann receives "Plus 3" - programme funding from the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation
01/2020: Chris Sanders starts as Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow with hosting partners Nils Blüthgen and Markus Landthaler


11/2019: Successful application at the pre-call of the Berlin University Alliance Grand Challenge "Social Cohesion"
11/2019: International symposium "Dissection Biology @ Single Cell Level"
06-10/2019: Colloquium series "Machine Learning in Life Sciences"
06/2019: DFG-funded Training Research Group (RTG 2424): "CompCancer" starts at IRI Life Sciences
02/2019: EU HORIZON 2020 - funded Innovative Training Network "Predictive Epigenetics" starts at IRI Life Sciences
01-05/2019: Colloquium series "Imaging"
01/2019: DFG-funded International Training Research Group (IRTG 2403): Dissecting and reengineering the regulatory genome" together with Duke University starts at IRI Life Sciences


11-12/2018: Colloquium series "Imaging"
10/2018: Simone Reber is appointed W2-professor at Beuth Hochschule
09/2018: David Garfield receives ERC Starting Grant
06/2018: International symposium "From Cells to Processes: Advantages and Challenges in Single Cell Biology"
01-04/2018: Colloquium series "Organoids - Life in 3D"


11-12/2017: Colloquium series "Organoids - Life in 3D"
11/2017: Start of the second IRI Life Sciences funding period
09/2017: DFG-funded International Training Research Group (IRTG 2290): "Crossing Boundaries - Molecular Interactions in Malaria" togehter with the Australian Nationa University starts at IRI life Sciences
09/2017: Tutorials in Life Sciences "Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy" with Yannick Schwab (EMBL)
07/2017: International summer school "Epigentics meets mathematics"
05-10/2017: Colloquium series "Life in numbers"
04/2017: Markus Landthaler is appointed IRI professor
01-04/2017: Colloquium series "Microbiome"
01/2017: Evaluation of first funding period of IRI Life Sciences


11-12/2016: Colloquium series "Microbiome"
11/2016: David Garfield starts his independent junior research group "Evolutionary Biology"
11/2016: Joint Lab "Bioinformatics" together with Berlin Institute of Health established under the roof of IRI Life Sciences
11/2016: Tutorial in Life Sciences "From Data to Models" with Jens Timmer & Clemens Kreutz (Universität Freibutg)
05-10/2016: Colloquium series "Mechanobiology"
04/2016: International symposium "Molecular Interactions in Malaria"
02/2016: Independent Research Fellows start working at IRI Life Sciences
01-04/2016: Colloquium series "Collective Behaviour"


11-12/2015: Colloquium series "Collective Behaviour"
11/2015: Inaugural symposium for Leonie Ringrose
07/2015: Tutorials in Life Sciences "Single Molecule Sprectroscopy of small RNA" with Mark Helm (University Mainz)
05-10/2015: Colloquium series "Evolutionary Biology"
05/2015: Leonie Ringrose is appointed IRI professor
04/2015: Tutorial in Life Sciences "Atomic Force Microscopy" with Daniel Müller (ETH Zürich)
03/2015: International symposium "From RNA pools to single molecule RNA"
02/2015: Inaugural symposium for Simone Reber with Nobel laureate Tim Hunt
02/2015: Opening Lecture for IRI seminar Room "Maud Menten Hall" with Roger S. Goody
01-04/2015: Colloquium series "Single Cell Analysis"
01/2015: Simone Reber starts her independent junior research group "Quantitative Biology"Colloquium series "Collective Behaviour"


11-12/2014: Colloquium series "Single Cell Analysis"
11/2014: Tutorial in Life Sciences "Molecular Motors" with Stefan Diez (TU Dresden)
06/2014: Inaugural symposium for Nils Blüthgen and Benedikt Beckmann
06/2014: Collaboration with Tel Aviv University starts
04/2014: Benedikt Beckmann starts his independent junior research group "Molecular Infection Biology"
01/2014: Nils Blüthgen is appointed IRI professor


12/2013: IRI Graduate School starts
06/2013: Head office starts working
03/2013: Opening ceremony of IRI Life Sciences with Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover


11/2012: Start of the first IRI Life Sciences funding period