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Exhibition "Corona Laboratories" at "Festival für Freunde"

Jul 30, 2020 // From 30 July to 2 August 2020 the exhibition "Corona Laboratories" will be shown at the art festival "Festival für Freunde"

In June this year four photographers were guests of Berlin scientists - among others at IRI Life Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin. The resulting photo exhibition (curated by Fabian Kruse of Berlin University Alliance) showed the works of the photographers Wiebke Kahn, Andreas Maria Kahn, Jaqueline Häußler and Christian Jungeblodt at the art festival "48h Neukölln".

Installation links visitors with the scientists

At the "Festival für Freunde", these photographs will now be integrated into an expanded, participatory exhibition concept. Digital picture frames show the laboratory pictures flanked by data projections of the Experimental Stage Project, which were created in cooperation with scientists from IRI Life Sciences (RTG 2424 CompCancer). In the atmospheric space spanned by the projections, an interactive installation links visitors digitally with the scientists.


The "Festival Für Freunde (Festival For Friends)" will take place on the former manor Hof Dahnsdorf, located in the district of Potsdam Mittelmark, Brandenburg. It is worth a visit.