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Junior groups

We recruit junior group leaders who are interested in challenging new projects and interdisciplinary approaches

If you are a qualified and highly motivated candidate with a third-party funded research group we are happy to welcome you at IRI Life Sciences. You may also receive administrative support from us for third party junior positions applications. Please contact Dr. Stefanie Scharf.

Independent Junior Groups

Interdisciplinary and innovative research
At IRI Life Sciences we set the perfect environment for innovative cutting-edge research which most often is difficult in classical university structures. We think out of the box and love bold ideas.

Collaborative culture
We believe that great science comes out of interwined creative minds. Our institute is a melting pot for different disciplines and facilitates community-building across institutions and research groups to initiate inspiring research projects.

Flat hierarchies
At IRI Life Sciences we apply the same rules for both our junior and senior group leaders, i.e. we involve all our group leaders in decision-making at all levels within our institute.

Current Junior Group Leaders

  • Dr. Benedikt Beckmann - Molecular Infection Biology // since April 2014
    Benedikt Beckmann joined us in April 2014 to establish the first junior group at IRI Life Sciences funded by the Excellence Initiative. His research focus is on RNA-protein interactions during infection; in particular, the research group wants to identify and characterize bacterial non-coding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins that modify post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression of the host cell and thus contribute to the pathogenicity of the pathogen.
  • Dr. Dagmar Kainmüller - Biomedical Image Analysis // since October 2017
    Dagmar Kainmüller is jointly appointed with the BIH and joined us in October 2017 to establish her junior group. Her lab is capturing biological prior knowledge in machine learning models for accurate cell segmentation, annotation, and tracking, and develops computationally efficient solvers for the underlying optimization problems.

Former Junior Group Leaders

  • Prof. Dr. Simone Reber - Quantitative Biology // 2014-2018
    Simone Reber joined us in October 2014 to establish a junior group at IRI Life Sciences funded by the Excellence Initiative and maintains her research group at IRI Life sciences beyond her appointment as professor in 2018. Her research aims to elucidate the biochemical and biophysical principles that underlie the self-organization and scaling of subcellular organelles.
  • Dr. David Garfield - Evolutionary Biology // 2016-2019
    David Garfield joined us in November 2016. In December 2019 he decided to leave academia to start new journey at Bayer Pharmaceuticals.